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Trade Pro

Trade Pro Glass Cleaner
A non-tainting liquid that allows easy removal of contaminates such as nicotine, atmospheric grime, oil deposits, finger marks and dust. Designed for use on most types of glass, mirror, plastic and hard surfaces such as chrome and laminates. Ideal for use in the double glazing, automotive and hotel industries and for use around the home.
Trade Pro Upvc Cream Cleaner
A high quality, viscous cleaner that has mild abrasive cleaning properties for effective cleaning of PVCu windows & doors. It restores original finish of PVCu and due to the material being solvent free, it is an ideal non-hazardous cleaner. Designed as a cleaner for all types of white and veneered PVCu frames, panels, cladding and trims.
Trade Pro Upvc Solvent Cleaner
A high quality solvent with excellent cleaning properties. Ideal for removing most contaminants from most types of PVCu frames, sills, boards and panels. Suitable for cleaning PVCu windows and doors. This high specification solution is quick drying and will remove most contaminants such as grease, finger marks, labels etc without causing any damage to the plastic surface.