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Screws & Fixings

TIMco Polymer Headed Nails - 40mm
Pack of 100 40mm polymer headed nails.
TIMco Polymer Headed Pins - 25mm
250 pack of 25mm white polymer headed pins.
PVC-u Fabrication Screws 4.3x25mm
Pack of 1000 stainless steel fabrication screws with Philips No.2 heads.
TIMco Polymer Headed Pins - 30mm
250 Pack of 30mm white, grey or oak polymer headed pins.
TIMco Polymer Headed Pins - 40mm
250 Pack †of 40mm grey polymer headed pins.
TIMco Multi-Fix Screws for Concrete and Masonry - 7.5mm
Special thread configuration allows for easy drilling and fixing to concrete, brick, stone and wood. Ideal for fitting windows and doors.
TIMco Polymer Headed Nails - 50mm
Pack of 100 50mm polymer headed nails in Grey, White or Oak.
TIMco Polymer Headed Nails - 65mm
Pack of 100 65mm polymer headed nails in Grey