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ERA HomeGuard Pro Wireless Smart Phone Alarm System - Kit 2

Our Price: £422.99
ERA HomeGuard Pro Wireless Smart Phone Alarm System - Kit 2

The latest innovation in ERA's line of smart phone alarm systems. Combining peace of mind with security and safety, this alarm system is comprehensive alongside the range of fully compatible alarm accessories. The HomeGuard itself includes: x2 Door and Window Sensor, x2 PIR Motion Sensor, x2 Remote Controls, x1 External Siren, x1 IP Wi-Fi Camera Plus and x1 Cloud Connected Control Hub.

Key Features:
  • The control hub is connected to your smart phone app via the cloud allowing for remote control anywhere.
  • Decide when and who can enter your home remotely by granting or revoking access when needed.
  • Constant feed of personalised alerts when someone interacts with the alarm system e.g. 'Lucy has disarmed the alarm'. These alerts can be programmed to alert as many people as you choose.
  • Alerts are sent straight to the smart phone app.
  • Compatible with all ERA alarm accessories as well as their range of LightWave lighting, heating and power solutions.
  • Includes a backup battery allowing for continual operation even during a power outage.

Kit Includes:

 x2 Remote Control Keyfob - 
 Remote control for arming and disarming any ERA alarm system. Compatible with all ERA alarm systems. Low profile meaning it can be stored easily in small places and on a keyring. Idea for children due to ease of use and   simple layout

x1 Smart Hub -   
    The control hub is connected to your smart phone app via the cloud allowing for remote control anywhere. Has built in fail-safes in the event of power failure help the hub stay active, using a GPRS network to stay connected.


  x2 Door and Window Sensor -
  Sensor for doors and windows, both internal and external placement. Compatible with all ERA alarm systems. Anti-Tamper protected. Emits a signal to the control panel alerting if the sensor has been tripped.

  x2 Pet Friendly PIR Sensor -
  Wide sensor angle and range makes this sensor ideal for any room. Plus it can be adjusted to not react to small movements, perfect for homes with small pets. Larger movements will be detected and a signal sent to trigger an   alarm when armed.

x1 Solar Powered External Siren -    
 External wireless siren fitted with a 110db alarm & LED strobe light for effective day & night deterrents. Perfect for side entrances or the rear of a property. Easy to install & can work standalone or in conjunction with other alarm systems and accessories. 

x1 IP Wi-Fi Camera PLUS -
Wireless Wi-Fi operated IP Camera lets you get a visual wherever you are. Compatible with HomeGuard Pro & Invincible alarm systems. Built in HiFi speaker and mic for easy two-way communication. 5 Megapixel camera, records in HD 720p.​​​​​​​ Locally records footage straight to a MicroSD card​​​​​​​. 10 degree FoV with 360 degree turn capability.​​​​​​​

(Smart Hub)
Hub: 160mm x 160mm x 45mm
Bracket: 80mm x 80mm x 10mm

(Door and Window Sensor)

Transmitter: 71mmx31.5mmx15mm
Magnet: 71mmx12.5mmx15mm

(PIR Sensor)
Detector: 100mm x 59mm x 43mm
Bracket: 52mm x 30mm x 26.5mm

(Remote Control Keyfob)
53mm x 31mm x 9.5mm

(External Siren)

309mm x 230mm x 79.7mm

(IP Camera PLUS)

115mm x 78mm x 91mm

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